Meet the Founder

Who started this? And why this topic?

I did not grow up in a hiking or mountaineering family. I was not raised eating organic or plant-based. In fact, I grew up like some of you. With sweet strudels for breakfast, round shaped crackers with salty meat-like toppers for lunch, and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for dinner (on a good night, am I right?). Insert your favorite convenient meal, you know, very very far from green. I have been to a handful of national parks and enjoy outdoor camping, yet most the time fail to name four types of trees outside my window.

The point is, you do not have to be completely aligned with nature to start appreciating it.

To start understanding your impact on it.

This blog is driven by a foreboding thought that humans will soon encounter a very rude awakening. And as someone who likes control, logical thinking, the scientific method, and writing, this is my passion project and brainchild. 

As a child, I was an avid writer. I went through countless composition books, filling page to page with fictional stories, characters, groups, places, you name it. I wrote about it. I view the world through sensitive eyes. I see someone with a little sweat on their forehead, or unintentional rip in their jeans, and I wonder “what does he do for a living””how many places has she traveled to this past year?” I am a curious creature. And such curiosity allowed me to pose more scientific questions in my pubescent life, “what is paper actually made of?” “why do these trees do better in the shade, and those better in the sunlight?” This led me to pursue an education in biology. Rounding up two associates degrees and one bachelor of science degree from Santa Barbara City College and University of California Santa Barbara, respectively, it was assumed I would immediately pursue higher education, obtain a doctorate or masters. That was the last thing on my short list.


It’s all good in theory, but what now? I crashed a studio apartment in Venice for a few months until I found a steady job in the medical administrative field. It was a good fit – mixing administrative responsibilities with personable patient interactions.


It dawned on me one day.

I will never fulfill a Personal Legend behind this desk. I will never be too happy under fluorescent lights and with trivial conversations. I needed more. More thought. More connection. More something.

And you know what else needs more? EARTH.

Our Earth needs our love. Our attention. Our regard. Our connection. Our everything. Most humans lose these precious qualities over years of conditioning. Institution. Status. Consumerism. We have closed ourselves off to the very thing that gives us life. And I want to change that.

My environmental interest has deep roots through my Grandfather. I have a beautiful childhood memory of driving out to Peace Valley with him one weekend. He volunteered for the National Parks Conservation Association and together, we watered fields of Spring flowers as their season was coming to a close.

I want future generations to grow up with more regard for their environment than their social feed.

More love for walking and less love for scootering.

More deep thinking, less vocal fry.

But I need your help.

Back to rude awakening.

Imagine your boss sets your alarm clock every day, the wake-up time unbeknownst to you.

So every night you go to bed, you never know when that time is coming, and as a result are always on edge waiting for BZZZZZZT to shock you into reality.

Well, this blog encourages you to walk up to the boss and say, I’m setting my OWN alarm today. I’m taking back what is MINE.

Regain a sense of control. And start understanding, making peace with, an inevitable and proverbial awakening.

It’s nice to meet you. My name is Lindsay.