Mindful Generosity Meets Greener Living

Green pasture

A Call to Action

Merriam-Webster defines generosity in two ways, “the quality or fact of being generous” or “a generous act” – the latter of which is Greenerosity’s focus. Bighearted, bountiful, philanthropic, unselfish are synonymous to generosity and outline its integrity. If you are reading this, chances are you already embody one or more of those qualities (or want to embody them). NOW is the time to alchemize these generous qualities by living greener. Here’s how.

Want to feel like you are making a difference? That selfless feeling when only YOU know what you have done and how much it will benefit. That heart-warming, award-winning, ear-grinning feeling? That soul-igniting altruism.

That is what caring for your environment will give you.

And the best part. You will save money. Accumulate less waste. Be lighter and empowered. Spread actions like wildfire. Be an example. Connect to your community. And kick resistance by acting from your truth. You will arrive to more and more understanding along the way. And enjoy the feeling of passing on your knowledge. Who doesn’t love that?

This undertaking of understanding should not be started out of fear. Or ego. But out of fulfillment. Because a change, or generous act, initiated in fear of the opposing outcome has already set its intention negatively. And you will feel no more or no less aligned to your action. Rather, start caring or make a change through curiosity, passion, or simple reason, to effectively reap the rewards of your sow.

Are you ready to level up and take your first steps to a greenerous life? Good, because the Earth is already thanking you.