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What activities can you name that permit you to have a larger experience while doing them? Larger in the sense that it connects you to something BIGGER than you, something you have faith in, something that drives you and motivates continuous actions.

Sports, religion, entertainment ? – maybe, to name a few.

What if we put regard for the environment in that context?

What if simple acts like eliminating single-use items, proper recycling, composting, waste consciousness could be viewed as SPIRITUAL things you do in your life? From personal experience, it provides immense meaning and fulfillment. Everything in your life should be sacred. Should be valued as worth your time, effort, and focus. Keeping larger experiences like these separate from your at-home experiences may make the latter very dissatisfying. “I work all day, think all day; I leave my brain at the office (or in the classroom)…. I don’t also need to worry about my impact on the Earth.” Understandable. But spirituality, or exultation through experiential activities, becomes sacred when expressed in your life through all aspects.

The little changes toward an environmentally conscious life will benefit more than you know. Not only for yourself, for your neighbor, your favorite college professor, your crazy uncle, even your dog, but especially your future generations.


This blog may not be all inclusive or sensitive to every human’s way of living. It does not come from years of peer-reviewed literature, but rather, two and a half decades of millennial living and observation. It is a guide based off personal experience. A guide from a dummy to other dummies. Because no one really has time to try and air quotes change the world on top of two kids, a mother-in-law, a night job, staying fit, or all of the above. The goal here is to simplify one area of your life. In return? Just commit to the changes you resonate with. Spread your accomplishments with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and our online community! Share your struggles. Your frustrations. Your questions and answers.

Maybe your one small act of environmentally conscious change will be the one to change the world.