Question your nature

Feeling inspired? Ready to take your first steps toward a Greenerous life?

To alter something, we must first know its nature. To know its nature, we must question it. Analyze your nature by (honestly) answering the following questions which pertain to a greener lifestyle.

This is not to say your current lifestyle is wrong, or right, but to examine how your lifestyle patterns may be expanded to effortlessly make greener choices.

  • What is your most popular mode of transportation? (walk, personal automobile, carpool automobile, public transit, bike/skateboard, electric scooter, other)
  • Do you own reusable containers?
  • Do you recycle?
  • Do you know the basics of recycling? (i.e. symbol classifications, large categories, processing methods)
  • Do you know how to properly dispose of your electronics?
  • Do you know where your waste goes?
  • Do you compost?
  • Do you choose fluorescent light bulbs over incandescent ones?
  • Do you make your own cleaning products, or buy new?
  • Do you buy groceries from local markets, or chain markets?
  • Do you buy in bulk?
  • Do you grocery shop with intent to avoid over-packaging?
  • Do you buy products you can reuse?
  • Do you litter?
  • Do you pick up litter when you spot it?
  • Do you unplug when you leave your house, or have eco-friendly plugs to do this for you?
  • Do you maintain a garden, or contribute to a community one?
  • Are you familiar with your local air quality, water supply, energy use data?
  • Do you seek out used goods before buying new?
  • Have you committed to going paperless for your news, bills, and statements?
  • Do you have energy efficient appliances?
  • Have you completed a home energy audit?

If you answered NO or maybe to any of the above, read on to uncover solutions to these greenless habits.