Invest in your future self

Greener products. Greener life.

Here are my personal favorites to get you started down a greenerous path. Shop the pictures and links! 

Say goodbye to plastic wrapping and bagging. Say hello to beeswax!

Not only are these wraps eco-friendly and reusable, they prolong the shelf life of your food. ETEE was my first exposure to this world, and will be my favorite. Their name stands as a reminder EVERYTHING TOUCHES EVERYTHING ELSE (do you prefer beeswax, or plastic?)

If you are looking for a vegan option, check out Khala Cloths plant-based alternatives here.

Sip consciously. And in style.

Invest in a stainless steel buddy to tote around. Save the Earth, look good while doing it. Is it just me, or does my drink taste better through metal? Next time you sit down for drinks or dinner, don’t forget to graciously remind the staff you already have your sipping utensil covered.

Fight the war on single-use plastic bottles.

Rewire your brain to view plastic bottles as a burden rather than a convenience. Always have a fashionable reusable greener alternative available.

Packageless hygiene products – what a concept!

twilight-naked-shower-gelSomething all humans must purchase at an accountable rate. Look for items with the least amount of packaging; recyclable or compostable packaging is good too. Or better yet, no packaging at all! Like these LUSH soaps shaped like your favorite product, but with zero waste.

 Grocery shop and sort your produce with style.

Forget those pesky plastic produce bags, invest in some SWAG.

These babies take your produce shopping to the next level. Bring them to the store, then store them in your fridge. Easy as pie.

Stop using paper towels. If I can, you can.

Just try it for a few weeks. Before your last roll runs out, purchase a few unpaper cloth towels, store them in all the locations you normally have paper towels, and realize you never actually needed single-use paper products in the first place!

These are just a few ways I have adapted to a greenerous life, but there are many, many more. How are you eliminating single-use, wasteful products from your life?