An E.C. Christmas

Conscious Christmas

We are taught to keep traditions, uphold trends, stay ahead of your fellow (hu)man; in terms of material possessions, a strong giving hand.

We size each other up. We measure worth by gain, leading to envy and greed over what another has.

We believe labels, quantity, looks define our beauty….

does this mean we are not properly defining beauty ?

To me, beauty is kindness to strangers, courage despite setbacks, authenticity, humanitarianism, thoughtful manufacturing, giving, receiving, and present conversations.

It is also the wind in the trees, a babbling brook, bird songs, and thunder.

We are disconnected from this category of beauty; we romanticize excess, plastic, concrete jungles, and carbon fueled transportation as natural and beautiful. I will not define your happiness or say these types of things are NOT worthy or beautiful, because in essence, they were worked hard for.

I only ask that you expand your definition.

Look for true beauty, true worth, true value during the holiday season.

Acknowledge it, compliment it, draw it, write it, dream it, soak it in, share it when its found.

An upcycled gift or recycled wrap may never appear as beautiful as a virgin one, but it has history, thought, purpose, intention, and LOVE.

And to me, THAT is worth celebrating.

Contemplate this paradox of beauty.

Doesn’t it feel good to do something different?