the WHAT and the WHY

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WHAT is Greenerosity?

A tool to release a powerful message to others about their impact on the Earth. For the greater good. 
Elicit self-realization techniques that promote a more conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle.
Enable others to pass on this message.
Incentivize readers to submit their ideas/projects/eco-events to promote collaborative effort.
Keep readers interested in the environment through soulful, heart-warming, intellectually challenging writing.
Perpetual positivity. Conservation. Connection.

WHY is Greenerosity?

Feelings arise when looking at human impact on the Earth.
Innate knowledge of wasteful practices, corrupt corporations, and false ideologies.
For those who seek to understand nature and the magic of communal consciousness.
I want to make a difference. I want others to make a difference.
I want to help people help themselves.
I want others to look at Nature like I do; as something to be cherished, preserved, humbled by, graciously accepting of, and giving to.
I want others to feel about Nature as I feel; awe-inspired, appreciative, gentle, small yet so big, powerful yet weak compared to the whole.
An organic connection, so to speak.
I want a (greener) future for my grandchildren.

How will you be inspired to make a difference for the environment?