A little less comparison, a little more character

Nature walk

I foresee a future when human needs are comfortably met.

Where the hierarchy of status dissipates as universal living standards are enacted.

You ask, then how does one become accomplished.. or acknowledged.. accoladed and admired.. without climbing the ladder?

Simple. Creative expression.

This type of success is evident now. The outward exposure of inner workings.

We will no longer compare wealth or wherewithal, we will compare syntax and symmetry.

The beauty of this shift is, without ‘competition’ for survival, by allotting every human the same slate and stature, true being will flourish.

Eliminating the struggle to provide for oneself and/or family, pay back loans, work off debt, mortgages, diseases, healthcare, corporative crazes, etc., will open endless possibility for interconnected expansion and harmony.

Especially for our Earth.

The shortcomings of current society most impact our environment. Right?.. if not worrying about aforementioned afflictions or more, imagine the time we would have to ponder our environment. Our impact on it and contribution to it. The natural state. A general well-being for self and others in all walks of life.

This future I have dreamed and hope to see. Do you agree? Who’s with me!