Climate conversations

Climate Discussions

Climate change is real. It is evident all around us. Yet we are not talking about it.

Why? Simply, because we do not know how.

It is not easy to audibly admit something caused or contributed to.

So, how do we talk about it?

Find a point of connection.

Root conversations in interest. What impacts close to home: Weather? Pollution? Fresh water? Ocean?

Resonate with a hobby or passion.

“Would XYZ change because of changes in climate?”

Ask open-ended questions.

Play ping-pong with your words. Avoid argument.

The point is to converse not conquest.

Do not feel the need to create a convert. A person may need more time to open up.

“I’ve been thinking about XYZ, what about you?”

Be emotionally available.

Connection outweighs facts. Connect your perspectives to values you share.

Bring up family members in different states or countries. Or recent disasters.

“How do you feel about XYZ? Does that affect your family in Southern California?”


Remain curious. Be interested. Try to find common ground. If you are confused on how they do or say something, ASK. Never assume another point of view.

Empathsize. FOCUS.

Find and share solutions.

How are you starting the conversation?