Mother Earth: the ultimate female energy

As a Woman heals, the Earth heals.
Art by Sunny Strasburg ;

“not just an ancient statue or energetic archetype, she is present us, the beauty of nature and in every living creature.”

A conscious reminder to ground your energy. Take a walk in silence. Bare your feet to the Earth.
Establish a connection to the wonders around you.

Respect her beauty, her limitations, her finite resources.

Honor and protect your fellow women’s hearts, knowing they contain sacred, alchemical medicine for the Earth.

Ode to our Mother:

Mother of might, of all things
Of gods and giants
Of creation
And destruction
From formless chaos she rose
In the time before time
Brought forth the shining sky
To be your love
To father wondrous children
All are precious.
I praise you, Goddess, for all you are,
all you have given,
for the love you bear for all who call you

As a Woman Heals, the Earth heals.