Truth lies in deep abyss

I am not here for money or fame

I do not care for personal gain

These dynasties, infectious power through a ruling state.

Like war and all that divides

I see it for what it is, abuse of power mixed with unsolicited rage

What’s the harm? So they say

We conquered, systemized, infantilized, unionized, and polarized things today

Not realizing division makes us weak

“To name oneself is to negate all other possibilities”

Initially doomed to forget our ultimate drive?

To learn, to be, to carry and develop thy self through the WE

It starts with I

How do I serve?

What have I inherited?

Is it safe and morally sound?

What will I leave behind?

Is it aligned to tribalistic greed?

Will I choose to proceed statically?

After I, is We

Do we perpetuate light to All on the path?

Are our actions purposeful, inclusive, and in partnership with the great Divine?

How do our interactions serve the greater good?

We Will, through Reason

Following a righteous path, at the center we find the spark, the reason behind the reason behind the reason and so on and so on

We are love. This is love. Why not love?

And while we are there, let us communicate and vibrate this existence, let us share our experiences, let us express the word of the world and in turn make meaning all around us, bridging the gaps, only seemingly dissonant…

We achieve universal consciousness as a token of our journey.

Sounds easy but far from righteous;

Is the self that delivers the lessons, the same self that fails to recognize its blessings?

For in others I make meaning of myself,

Through myself I make meaning of others.

A peak of Universal

Truth lies in deep abyss